Imagebiopsylab – The Company

ImageBiopsy Lab develops AI-powered solutions for the early detection and diagnosis of bone diseases. Its segmentation and analysis algorithms allow to efficiently and effectively investigate the condition and the quality of the bone, offering a detailed assessment report for radiologists and orthopedics alike.

The Mission

IB Lab’s mission is to enhance patients diagnostic experience and go beyond the current standard of care. Currently, 100 million people suffer from OA in US and Europe alone. By 2040, this number is predicted to exceed 140 million. Effectively diagnosing bone diseases often takes time and is prone to error and might lack in diagnostic detail. By using state of the art computer vision  and deep learning IB Lab solves these problems efficiently.

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ImageBiopsy Lab offers various software modules for an objective classification of osteoarthritis (OA) based on the Kellgren & Lawrence Score. In addition, our research modules allow analysis of bone micro architecture of different body parts.